Laura Christensen ~ DESIGN WITH NATURE ~ Landscape & Gardening Blog

Adding a large plant bed along the entry walk and driveway for multi-season interest and adding bulbs and stone out-croppings for added landscape interest.

dwn krynicki full front yd with hyacinth and daffs 5-7-13 dwn krynicki front yard before pics 4-2012 dwn krynicki left half front yd. daffs and hyacinth 5-7-13 dwn before photo of frony yard looking up brick walkway 4-2012 dwn krynicki entry walk with bulbs in bloom 5-7-13 DWN krynicki entrance walk new lndsp summer 2013 dwn before photo of maple bed without stone outcroppings 4-2012 dwn krynicki front yd maple tree bed with daffs DWN krynicki front yd. after pic summer 2013 view from front of mailbox DWn krynicki front yd lndscaping summer 2013 along driveway

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